Successful from the very beginning

Hermann Hesse inspried Doris Maiwald when looking for the company name. "Listen to Nature" Govinda advised Siddhartha in Herman Hesse´s novel "Siddhartha". This very short but comprehensive answer builds the foundation of the organic manufacturer. It all started in 1988 with the opening of a vegetarian specialist shop in the historical center of Heidelberg. Within short time the shop became an insider´s tip.

Quality always first

Just like water is drippings of a lotus flower, the symbol of Govinda, protecting and preserving its pureness, only products of the best quality are allowed into our product range. Besides our periodic controls of the organic inspection body, quality control and quality management are handled as key roles in the company. The team around our ecotrophologist Daniela Mack constantly executes intensive controls of goods. Additionally, all our products are being analytically inspected through certified external laboratories and examined by experts. Only flawless goods and raw materials reach the market. Govinda´s quality benchmarks are thereby almost always hogher than those of the European organice legislation. Thanks to long-standing relationships with the suppliers as well as through own cultivation projects in Africa, Sri Lanka and Germany, the sensitive and mindful handling of the raw materials is consistently lived.

Loving handwork combined withpleasure
Only 10 years later the production facilitiesbecame too small to meet the increasingdemand. Doris Maiwald found a new idealproduction location in Birkenfeld (Rhineland-Palatinate). Until today the luscious confectionaries and fruit balls are being produced thereby loving handwork. The administration and logistics centre is located in Neuhofen where the employees ensure a smooth and fluent running ranging from order entry to sales support.

The perfect choice
The highly varied product range allows every taste to be satisfied. Especially the well-informed consumer who is looking to buy something special and putting a high value on a healthy diet will for sure find the perfect product. For three decades, dried fruit specialities and sweets are being produced, tasting delicious without any additional sugars. Most of the products are vegan, gluten and lactose free and thereby the perfect choice for people who follow a special diet. Our product range further includes dried sprouts, raw snacks, precooked meals, superfoods as well as coconut and tigernut specialities. Everything is being produced by the principle: fair & social, ecological and innovative.

Govinda tuotteita löydät mm. seuraavista tuoteryhmistä
Govinda Soaphie Sauber pesupähkinät 350g

Govinda Soaphie Sauber pesupähkinät 350g

  • 100% kasvisperäinen
  • Kaikille väreille, kankaille ja lämpötiloille
  • Pesupähkinät riittävät n. 70 pesukertaan
8,90 €

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