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Neroli - Citrus aurantium flower oil

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Neroli essential oil is rejuvenating for all skin types, especially dry, mature or problem skin. It has harmonizing, uplifting and revitalizing properties as well as a soothing effect on the emotions. Neroli essential oil is also well known for its aphrodisiac qualities. Neroli essential oil has a beautiful, delicate, floral scent.

Oils4life Neroli essential oil originates from Tunisia and is extracted from steam distillation from the freshly picked flowers.

Neroli essential oil is a member of the Rutaceae family and is also known as orange flower, orange blossom or neroli bigarade.

Neroli essential oil blends well with jasmine, rose otto, geranium, bergamot, lavender, lemon, grapefruit and lime. Neroli essential oil is non-toxic, non-sensitizing, non-irritating and non-phototoxic.

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